slept in my car with my wife and baby


I have a strong feeling that while this message may not be for everybody, it just might be for you.


In the picture below, I was 32 years old and broke. I had just had my baby girl a few months after quitting my job to chase my dream of being a globally acclaimed and recognized Business Strategist.

No one knew me.

I didn't know how to do any of the things I do so effortlessly today, like write books, create sold out online courses, electrify audiences with my live sessions, or build businesses.

I was writing my book on two paint buckets and using my wife's LaserJet printer to send out proposals to corporate clients, hoping they'd give me a chance.

One night, my wife, baby, and I slept in my car overnight, because the house was too hot and we didn't have enough money to buy fuel to power the generator, so we could use the air conditioner.

I had been married for over 2 years, and I felt like a failure.

That night, watching over my girls sleep in the backseat of my car,...

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Throwback to 20 years ago

This picture was taken 20’years ago & brought back some nostalgia

So I thought I’d write a letter #ToMyYoungerSelf .


You were 21 with a lot of hope and one heck of a mischievous smile.

Little did you know that in 1 year, your life was gonna take a roller coaster ride of failure and disappointment that would ultimately wipe that smirk off your face. 

You’re gonna get an invitation to join a cult, sha give yourself brains and don’t go

That decision’s gonna lead you to @thelovefamily_official and you’re gonna make a lot of meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime and build your faith in God.

Trust me, you’re gonna need Him... sooner than you think and every day afterwards.

Don’t worry about your Math department lecturers, they’re a bunch of morons, especially Baba and your course advisor.

In hindsight, stay away from that chic in MathEco, don’t say I didn’t warn you

Now, you know how everyone...

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this is how to sell to people who have money

I posted this on my social media a few days ago, but I figured I'd share it with you if you hadn't already seen it.

Here are a few ways you can reposition your marketing to premium customers

Never say cheap or affordable .. say it’s at a price within your reach

You don’t sell fitness or weight loss, you sell a summer/beach body all year round

You don’t sell shapewear, you amplify women’s curves and conceal their contours

You don’t sell wedding dresses, you make one woman the center of attention & the most talked about person at an event

You don’t sell furniture, you sell conversation starters

You don’t sell hair, you sell ... you sell head-turning hair 

I hope you get the drift 

Now it's your turn, let me know what you sell

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Use Failure To Succeed

Today, I wanna talk about failure and how you can deal with it 

In 2015, my bro Paul Foh had an idea for both of us to collaborate & teach Thought Leaders how to sell out their events, since we both were always selling out our events

So we designed the flyer & began promoting the event. It was just N10k 

We got lots of responses, with people asking if they could pay at the venue

We paid for materials, food and the works for at least 50 people

Do you know how many people attended this mega event? Remember that Paul and I are a big deal

I’ll tell you


Not a soul. What’s the name of our event again?

It was like all the Thought Leaders created a WhatsApp group and agreed: “we won’t attend Steve & Paul’s event” #badbellepeople 

For a seminar called “how to fill out your seminar seats and make money”, we couldn’t even fill one seat

Ironic right? Na so life be

It hurt like hell & we...

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Who's your squad?

Over the weekend, I had the privilege to sit with my mentor, Fela Durotoye as he shared his heart with me, my brothers; Jimi Tewe, Bankole Williams and several hundred-odd people.

Looking around the room, I couldn't help but notice that while you may have knowledge, skill or ability, you really won't go far without having the right association.

So here's my question?

Who's in your corner? Who's your squad? Here are "awon goons mi" and a few others not in this picture

We're almost at the final stretch of the year and if you can't get anything right (which you better), at least make sure you've got the right people in your corner.

Cause you know what they say, "(s)he who walks with the wise, will also be wise and the companion of morons will be destroyed.

Your squad is a picture of your future. It's folk that have got your back and are willing to ride with you and push the best out of you, even when you're comfortable with mediocrity

I mean, I admire Paul Foh's hustle and grind (the...

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From College Dropout To Forbes Africa Interview

This month I was featured in Forbes Africa sharing a bit of my backstory. 

It was pretty raw and the interviewer, Peace Hyde is absolutely amazing, she got me to say stuff that I didn't remember I'd blocked out.

I got kicked out of school in 2004 and was an office assistant till July 2006, so in 13 years, God has truly brought me a long way from being a 2 Time College Dropout and it really is quite humbling.

I know I'm not in Forbes because of my money (it's still stacking up), but by the Grace of God whose, favour has given me some level of positive influence to build a great name.

This is usually where I should insert some “deep quote” but this time, I'm tongue tied and got nothing. 

All I can say is if you don’t quit on your journey to success, someday, even your failures will inspire others to succeed 

Read the article here

Talk soon 

- Steve

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Breaking Your Money Ceiling

business money Apr 26, 2019

Click the button to watch the video


Have you found that you couldn’t break a particular money ceiling?

For example, no matter what you do, you’ll make N800k +but you can’t hit N1m,

Like this calculator, no matter what I do, I’ve hit a ceiling of what I can achieve


Until you reorient yourself, products or systems, you’ll keep hitting that ceiling. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a private webinar, BREAKING YOUR MONEY CEILING, showing you how to take the limits off your ability to earn more

It’s not free but it’s at a price within your reach

If you’re interested in breaking your present financial ceilings, then click this link

If not, can you relate? Do you feel like you've hit a ceiling in your finances?

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Money Blocks

business money Apr 15, 2019

Click the red button to listen to the video


One of the voices messing with your head concerning making money are your Money Blocks

For example, do you catch yourself saying things like

  • Is it easy to make money
  • It’s not for people like us
  • I’m sure she’s doing runs
  • It’s a waste of money
  • I can use this money to cook soup for a week

Those are Money Blocks

I’m not saying become a spendthrift

You need to recognize you may have some blocks regarding your relationship with money

Do you speak negatively every time a financial commitment is required?

Then you might have a money block

If your beliefs concerning making money are blocked, then you’ve hit a ceiling being able to earn a certain amount of money and no amount of prayer and fasting can cure it

Cause here’s the ugly truth.

If you can’t invest top dollar on yourself, how the hell are you gonna demand it from your customers?

Think about the beliefs blocking your ability to make...

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What gets you noticed in a crowd of over 72 other competitors?

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

I'm watching, rather distractedly, the collation of the Nigerian Presidential results, and I couldn't help but wonder...

What gets you noticed in a crowd of over 72 other competitors?

As you probably (don't know), there are 93 political parties and 72 Presidential candidates, which kinda reminds me of how saturated your market or industry could be

So what gets you noticed in a crowd of over 72 other competitors?

is it your product quality? Advertising? Customer service?

Now, while I believe all these are important, nothing's more important than the EMOTION you / your product (service) makes people feel.

Now, irrespective of your political leanings or lack thereof, I'd like you to do me a favour.

Without Googling or asking for any kind of help, I'd like you to mention 10 Presidential candidates (apart from Buhari & Atiku). Remember, no cheating...

Any luck?

Still trying?


You give up?

I'm sure you couldn't think of 10; LOL, me neither, but did you notice that a few names,...

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Uncategorized Oct 24, 2018

Can you flipping imagine!?!

Let me tell you how it happened. .

So you don’t fall into the same trap. .

People will just use messages like the picture on my page to get your attention so that you can read. .

You get caught up wondering “if it could happen to Steve, who’s so bad ass, then I need to take this serious”

So you keep reading, wondering how our good looking hero got hacked. .

As you scroll further, you realize that Steve didn’t get hacked, but HACKED YOU to tell you that if you haven’t signed up for his LIVE WEBINAR, called, HOW TO GET YOUR CUSTOMERS TO CHOOSE YOU with @mrphisha holding this Sunday, then you’ve been sitting on a bicycle .

It’s a 3 hour webinar + replay and it’s only goes for N5,999 (Its so cheap, I definitely must’ve been hacked to pick that price) so call Oluchi on 08096581956 to sign up or click the link in my bio .

Getting ATTENTION is important in getting your customers to choose you....

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