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I'm the 1st Coach you should've called to multiply your business profits & the last coach you'll need!

Steve Harris, fondly called "Mr. Ruthless Execution" is privileged to be a trusted authority in the fields of Life & Business Strategy, a highly sought after Management Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of EdgeEcution, Motivational Speaker & Author.

In May and September 2015 as well as in April 2016, Steve Harris was listed among the 'World's Top 100 Business Coaches To Follow On Twitter' 

He is also a certified member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN), the American Association of Small Business Consultants, Texas, USA and the International Certified Consultants Association, Canada.

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"Let me just confess I am not afraid of many people but I am afraid of Steve Harris 😂 especially when I haven't followed through on a goal."

- Arese Ugwu


"Steve Harris gives the simplest, most practical business advice"

- Remi Owadokun

"I have gotten the biggest mindshift and I'm rid of the psychological limitations I have attached to my business" - Desola Alo

"I loved working with Steve over the 6 week program - he's tough but it's clear to see he truly cares about your business and wants you to succeed. Steve helped me clarify who my target clients are and what I am uniquely positioned to offer them."

- Wani Olatunde


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Change Your Life In 30 Days

How can you become more confident and capable of achieving your goals faster and more effectively? What can you do to stay on top of your game, and join the world’s most successful people? Get Steve's classic goal setting & goal getting course and start executing today!


Mastering The Business Of Your Talent Online Coaching

The Mastering The Business Of Your Talent programme is a business ONLINE COACHING COURSE that will help you assess, create and review your products and position you to find the right customers for your business 


Get Hitched Quick

Get out of the friendzone and turn that fella into your fiancee. Learn the secrets of positioning and seduction that he doesn't want you to know


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From Friend To Fiancee

Ladies, get him to want you without letting him know that you want him to want you!


From College Dropout To Corporate Sellout

Steve shares his life's experience overcoming the odds idespite being a two time college dropout


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