Throwback to 20 years ago

This picture was taken 20’years ago & brought back some nostalgia ⁣

So I thought I’d write a letter #ToMyYoungerSelf .⁣


You were 21 with a lot of hope and one heck of a mischievous smile.⁣

Little did you know that in 1 year, your life was gonna take a roller coaster ride of failure and disappointment that would ultimately wipe that smirk off your face. 

You’re gonna get an invitation to join a cult, sha give yourself brains and don’t go⁣

That decision’s gonna lead you to @thelovefamily_official and you’re gonna make a lot of meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime and build your faith in God.⁣

Trust me, you’re gonna need Him... sooner than you think and every day afterwards.⁣

Don’t worry about your Math department lecturers, they’re a bunch of morons, especially Baba and your course advisor.⁣

In hindsight, stay away from that chic in MathEco, don’t say I didn’t warn you⁣

Now, you know how everyone pays attention when you speak cause they think you’re speaking phoneh & forming, don’t worry, they’re still paying attention & paying for your attention and sigh, some still think you’re forming.⁣

Cofound the rap group, Righteous Rage with DRN & Stevo it’s gonna do a heck of a lot for your confidence & enjoy it if though you just ain’t called to music ⁣

You’re gonna use lotta words someday, it just ain’t gonna be timed to a beat⁣

You’ve always wanted to speak on stages to large audiences, guess what? You even get paid to do that now.

When @dr.femipaul invites you for a meeting @thegraceassembly , go my nigga ⁣

You’re gonna meet the love of your life, Imma

She has a boyfriend sha, but I trust you. Just do you homie. 😏 #badguy .⁣

And oh yeah, you’re gonna meet a guy in 2005 called Fela Durotoye

He’s gonna be your example and will mentor and father you, don’t worry, Dad’s cool with it.⁣

Serve him well. Learn from him and be faithful & one day, you’re gonna be synonymous with accelerating lives & businesses through ruthless execution ⁣

I have faith in you, man. You’ll be aight

Your failures are gonna inspire millions to succeed

And you my friend that's reading, watch and see how amazing your life is gonna turn out

And no, you won't have to wait 20 years


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