Real People. Real Issues. Real Results.

I've worked with over a thousand people from fields as diverse as interior designers & decorators, architects, surveyors, builders & real estate, Cement sellers, Toilet tissue manufacturers, school owners & educators, fashion / hair / makeup / beauty, image consultants & stylists, caterers, bakers, event managers, writers, bloggers, safety experts, doctors / pharmacists / herbal supplement brands / lawyers, artists & graphic designers, speakers & coaches.

Lilian Oparaji 

- SimplyLil Speaks Style

Steve isn’t just a coach who teaches you & abandons you,  I can never talk about “SimplyLil speaks style” without talking about him and I am not ashamed of that

John Obidi

- Founder, Headstart Africa

After Steve's coaching, I started working on just a few of the recommendations and just 33 days later, I  made my 1st million! 

Tricia Biz.    

- Coach

Steve's style of teaching and push is one of a kind. His interaction with all of us and his genuine interest in your growth and attainment of your goal is remarkable.

Remi Owadokun

- Total Makeover Program

DON'T JUST HIRE A COACH, HIRE SOMEONE WHO CARES. In my history working with coaches and mentors, all I get is a checklist on what to do, Steve is THE ONLY ONE who goes out of his way for me every single time! EVERY TIME!

Steph Obi

- The Queen of Online Courses

I’m used to giving other people wake up calls, and I don’t easily find the kind of people who can give me my own wake up call. But Steve Harris gave me a wakeup call! This investment for being coached by Steve is a tiny fraction of the value that I got.

Arese Ugwu

- Author, Smart Money Woman

I made the mistake of telling Mr Ruthless Execution, that I wanted to write a book. He coached me & kept me accountable. I was running away from him like a child from a school teacher but he didn't care...he would call, text, threaten and set deadlines. Who is so invested in your goals that they ensure you see them through? Steve Harris does!

Wani Olatunde Photographer

I have an established wedding photography business and was trying to build my portrait business and Steve helped me clarify who my target clients are and what I am uniquely positioned to offer them. I loved working with Steve - he's tough but it's clear to see he truly cares about your business and wants you to succeed. I'm not sure how he manages it all to be honest - he's pretty amazing.

Tolu Dima-Okojie.  - Money Coach

Steve Harris is truly one of a kind. He has a gift for simplifying problems, he can encourage you in ways that give you wings and I respect that he works with highly motivated individuals because he wants results and not excuses! 

Chisom Ojukwu 

- Master of Ceremonies & Compere

 Steve Harris is truly Mr. Ruthless Execution. He is tough – oh boy! – but through all his haranguing and arm-twisting, his genuine care for you and your business comes through. The man will take the business demons that keep you awake at night, whip them into shape and serve them to you for dessert. He's that good.

Udeme Uffot - CEO, Rajuu Designs

I never thought I could be this resilient and determined to face my business squarely in just few weeks. Your coaching was and remains THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME! I used to take my business so shallow and never really saw the greater and more clearer side to achieving what was going on in my mind towards my business. I’m thankful today my business has taken a 180 degree turn and what seemed so hard to achieve ... just a few weeks ago, I implemented your ideas and saw everything come to light! The OUTCOME HAS BEEN MIND BLOWING and it still is. I thank God I met you! But in all, I’m grateful I still have access to you and you still look out for my business even after the coaching!

Tareela - CEO, Dripples Cakes

I signed up with Steve Harris to discover more about myself. His coaching structure was so very clear, effective and I became aware of my blind spots in business. Being coached by Steve was challenging and fun at the same time. The main satisfaction was derived from doing assignments, getting direct feedback and interacting with Steve Harris himself. I call him my Coach because he is one Coach with a difference

Jennifer Chukwujekwe  - CEO, Jenniez Designs & Interiors

Steve, I just can't thank you enough. Being coached by you was worth every investment. I would describe myself as a good starter, but a poor finisher. I needed to be accountable to someone and that's why I signed up. What kept me going? Coach your words to me were  "I am rooting for you Jen, you can't stop now.". Honestly thanks for confirming to me that whatever I set my heart to, I will definitely achieve. My joy is though our sessions are over I have you as a coach for LIFE which is GUARANDAMNTEED!

Ronke Posh

Director, Posh Babies and Kids School

Steve was able to help untangle my feet and shed some light on some areas of my businesses in the most simplistic way. I really like him and I recommend him even if you have years of invaluable work and business experience.

Padebi Ojomo

- Coach

I have created a life, and business that I love because of this man. And, the ripple effect it has had in the lives of women I work with is invaluable. Steve Delivers ...

Ebi Louis DomeihCEO, BonDelice Confectionary

Steve Harris is worth every dime and time you invest and much more. His attention to detail is impeccable. His understanding of brands, management, market penetration, customer psychology and brand positioning is very commendable. He gives you deliverables and ensures you keep to them for your own good.  Steve Harris, is the coach who will assist you with achieving your goals and transcending them beyond your comprehension!

Desola Alo  - Creative Designer, Daisy's Wardrobe

I learnt I'm not just selling a commodity, I'm selling perceptions and so many other emotions. I have gotten so much clarity about my product, my customers and myself as the business owner. Honestly Coach, you ROCK! I wish I could afford you longer.I have no regrets. 

Temi Ashabi - Coach

Being coached by Steve happens to be the best money I've spent on my coaching career so far. I know this sounds unbelievable but exactly 6 days into our sessions, I got my very first paying client! Now, I have clients who simply ask 'how can I pay?' For all that you are and do, thank you Steve

Nkechi Anaedobe - Restaurant Promoter

Steve Harris is at first not the most likable man in the world, nor is he even remotely interested in that label. But he doesn't need likability to do what he does. And that's rearranging with a near-surgical precision, thoughts and beliefs around "can do" and "should do. I went in looking for one thing and came out knowing I can do so much more.

Michael Awonowo - Architect

Steve Harris is the definition of that task master that is ready to whoop all lazy and idle laborers until they accomplish their tasks and thank God I didn’t have to be whooped. His advice is as practical as it gets and I was able to implement them on the fly. The clarity and direction I have now were initiated during my private calls to Steve. In retrospect, the fee for his coaching seems like nothing compared to what I gained. Lowkey, I feel like I should owe him more money.

Omoye - Ms. Good Shoes

Working with Steve and implementing all all he taught jumpstarted my business to the limelight in ways I never thought possible before. In 5 weeks, I made DOUBLE MY MONTHLY REVENUE .. IN MILLIONS .Thanks for impacting knowledge and for the support sir. I’ll definitely miss you, but I hope it’s a start of something new

Zuwaira  - CEO, Amal Botanicals

Steve is one of the coaches, I had penned down to work with, but kept your name as the last coach to work with. Coach, I can't wait to make you so proud of @amalbotanicals and how to apply all the steps and guidance learnt from you Can't wait to show the world the next level of @amalbotanicals. God Bless you Steve. I've been Steve’d! YOU ALL NEED TO BE, IT'S WORTH THE HYPE.