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Here's exactly what we were able to generate for entrepreneurs in the February 2021 session of MBT after 5 weeks.... during a pandemic and recession

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Introducing The Mastering The Business Of Your Talent Course


The Mastering The Business Of Your Talent programme is an ONLINE 6 week BUSINESS COURSE that will help you assess, create and review your products and position you to find the right customers for your business.

I’m interested in helping 1000 entrepreneurs add N2 million to their businesses in 6 weeks. 

Maybe N2m is chicken change to you, no biggie, but many businesses haven’t made that whole amount this year and Covid-19 didn’t help matters.

My team and I are gonna put you through your paces, showing you how to reposition for the right paying customers, sell and market better & even critique your products or services.

This program isn’t one of those programs you sign up for, where the Coach doesn't care whether you get anything done, as long as you get paid, or you don't put in the work

This Program Is For You If ...

  • You don't have a business yet, but you're an aspiring entrepreneur
  • You run a business, but it has stopped growing and plateaued 
  • It's difficult for you to market your products and services with success
  • It's difficult standing out because you're in a saturated market
  • You want to make your business profitable quickly

How Does This Course Work?


Video Lessons

You'll learn advanced strategies in developing your marketing, profiling, selling and skills. You can take the training at your own pace, and you have access to it for 1 YEAR

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls

6 weeks of LIVE weekly group coaching from Steve. Beyond going through your video modules, you get to ask Steve your business questions every single week LIVE via interactive webcasts.


Each lesson comes with worksheets to make your learning experience practical

What Will I Learn In 6 Weeks?


Module 1: Identifying & Breaking Your Limiting Beliefs + LIVE Group Coaching Call

Module 2: Assessing Your Product + LIVE Group Coaching Call

Module 3: Finding The Right Customers For Your Product + LIVE Group Coaching Call

Module 4: SWOT Analysis + LIVE Group Coaching Call

Module 5: Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition + LIVE Group Coaching Call

Module 6: Getting Your Business Moving + LIVE Group Coaching Call

Bonus Module: Emotional Triggers That Make Your Customers Buy

Bonus Module: Crafting Your Marketing Message

Bonus Module: Your 30 Day Business Execution Plan

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What Results Will I Have In 6 Weeks?


Week 1: You'll identify what your self sabotaging LIMITING BELIEFS affecting your business are

Week 2: You'll gain clarity about your product / service, define it appropriately and get guidance on positioning

Week 3: You'll know exactly the right customers for your product and how to attract them

Week 4: You'll have a clear picture of what your business advantages and gaps are and how to bridge them

Week 5: You'll know how to determine what you do and who you serve in 14 words or less and most importantly, what makes you different from your competitors

Week 6: You'll understand how to properly structure your business

Bonus Module: Your 30 Day Business Execution Plan: You'll get a daily action plan template for your business

Bonus Module: Crafting Your Marketing Message: You'll be able to sell your products and services in a compelling manner

You're getting WEEKLY LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS with Steve and access to a support group walking you through your business for 6 WEEKS!

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